She's got the Spirit

Mom, I think she's got the Spirit- Middle daughter referring to eldest
It's funny what sentences can set a mom off but this one today would be the one. My middle daughter was referring to her eldest sister not wanting to give up her writing book because she is enjoy learning the art of penmanship. But it was time for bed and I thought she should give up.

Well, look who is expecting something from my children that I don't do myself. I don't sleep and haven't slept much since the baby has arrived. Why???? You might all say well you have a newborn in the house, but my newborn is a prized sleeper, she sleeps well and for long stretches of time. I don't sleep because I want to keep working and doing stuff I want to do.  We officially launched our new business in July, ironically on our wedding anniversary. Seemed like the most fitting of days, also makes it easy to remember. But since we decided to launch, we've been go go go!!

I had assumed that things would be easier with my time, that I would be all work from 9-5 and then all mommy and blogger at night. Wow, was I rudely mistaken. I have missed sharing and sharing, my inbox is overflowing with messages of fun things to check out but most of all I miss the connection I have with people from blogging.

I can't promise a time schedule of when blog articles will come through, I also don't know when my next post will come in. But I want to be the girl with the spirit for her blog and start to post again semi-regularly.


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