Hello February

I am not a superstitious person, I struggle with the idea of fate and if destiny is a thing, I truly believe we play a role on how destiny plays out.

I am a fair believer in horoscopes, Chinese and Western versions, as a math devotee I also believe in numerology. Yet no one of these can be appreciated or practiced without the other in my opinion.
So when the New Year came, it blanketed my hopes and aspirations of what the new year could bring. So excited and welcoming. I was happy to see 2013 go. She wasn't a horrible year, she just wasn't the greatest year. And the idea and hope that 2014 could be so much more was refreshing and something to get excited about.

And she arrived. Celebrated with the children as we do every year, family on New Year's day and then my month became the month I hold my breath and hope nothing further could go wrong. You saw we had a leak in our living room, then our furnace stopped because of the leak, a second leak occured and work which gets done at home now takes a severe back seat.

Where was this New Year, this new opportunity for something great. I read facebook statuses of January not only hitting me hard but many of my friends as well were not having great starts and in the idea of what is next to come, my first 3 week into 2014 are making me pine for 2013 to come back.

With Chinese New Year's arrival, the beginning of February, I have renewed belief and faith that better can be on the horizon. And then I remembered last year, the year of the Snake... The snake wouldn't go out without a fight. So I am going to say I am excited to see what the sturdy horse can bring.

So to us all, I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, a big Hello to February and a renewed faith that 2014 will be great and will provide wonderous moments of excitement, love, happiness and great fortunes. 

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