Family Friday- Slightly Frozen!

You know what sucks about owning your own business, the little amount of time you get to spend with your family.

I think our eldest girls are really feeling it the most. So much their age group could do but so little amount of time in the day to fit them in. While my Mike and I meander throughout the day on balancing who is doing what we can do, I do relish the time we do get to spend with them that is blocked off as special time.

They saw the previews for Frozen on TV at the end of last year, and had remembered the release date, kept reminding me that it was coming close. I promised perhaps not on it's release date but on some day we would go to see Frozen. Then our birthdays came and went, Christmas, the ice storm, New Year and then the house flood. I couldn't find the right time to squeeze my very own princesses in for a Mom date.

Until yesterday.

As soon as the bus dropped them off we got prepared and headed off. Baby was at my mom's and it was just me and the eldest two. Got to the movie theater, it was freezing, so thankfully an early movie also yields a pretty empty movie theater parking lot. Tickets in hand, we got little kid friendly boxes with popcorn, a drink and mini M&Ms (I couldn't resist and Raisin Glosettes were my weakness) entered the theater and I kid you not, were the only people there. It was pretty awesome. We could sit in any seat, my girls roamed up and down the stairs taking in the fact that we were in a whole theater by ourselves. We watched Frozen, I could totally recognise Kristin Bell's voice as Anna. My youngest cried at the sad scenes, my eldest laughed hard at the funny scenes.

And we watched a pretty awesome Disney movie. and had a pretty awesome day together. I love reliving the moments with them when my second daughter explains every scene that left a visual impact.

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