The fear of advocating...

Jenny McCarthy's son doesn't have autism... this is headline news. See full article here.

I was just about to post this article on my personal Facebook when I realised that the subject needed a bigger position than what do you think.

Now let's start from where I stand on Jenny McCarthy, I don't care if she's here or she's there. I don't have a child with autism. I do have 3 children who have or have not gotten all their needed vaccines for the ages they are, but to this I will get at it further on.

Let's discuss the reality here... Jenny McCarthy had a son. Vaccinated him with the MMR vaccine and recalls his symptoms of what she was told is Autism shortly after being vaccinated. He lost speech and function, doctors misdiagnosed him with Autism but his ailments were real and they can fast and quickly after being vaccinated. This is not fiction, this is not a supposed comment or imagined reality.

She advocated and fought about his condition tooth and nail in the media, on social media about what it was like, her experience with autism. She fought a fight she thought she was fighting with other parents of autism. She rallied behind her convictions to fight for all kids who could have gotten the same reactions to vaccines.

Now years later with her son showing huge amounts of progress, she's informed it wasn't really autism but another neurological condition. Well why isn't this condition important enough to be concerned about any longer? Just because it doesn't have the heavy weights of the Autism community behind it. Is it not an auto-immune disorder just like the latter, is it not scary for a mother to lose her child's speech or the fact that he won't hug you or look you in the eyes?

When did becoming misdiagnosed by a doctor your fault?

Now on my position, I was born in the 80s and was given vaccines in elementary school in the school nurses office. Now the concoction is a formula you give your children before the age of 2. My eldest have been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine but both older than the informed age of the vaccine. I don't let the Dr make me feel guilty for changing the schedule. Why? Because he will tell me my child is 25% of weight only, that he might be concerned the baby is losing weight and then seconds later and say to me well you know this vaccine is for 6 months. Well sorry you just informed me my child isn't where you want her to be but you think her body is ready for a vaccine for a child that might be 3-6 pounds heavier then my baby.

My eldest hit her marks every time, 95+% for height and 90-95% for weight. She still didn't get the vaccine at one year old, we waited as stories came out about the vaccine. They day she got her MMR vaccine it was the only needle she received. I made sure of that too. Why because I had seen a horrific story about a little girl who came back from traveling with her parents through Europe and her parents were doctors and on their return to the US chose to give their daughter 8 vaccines she had missed all at once. Well, the little girl has autism and a severe spectrum of the disease. Did they make a poor choice, yes severely. At no point should that kind of vaccination schedule be administered into a child at once. They are barely 20 pounds sometimes.

So while everyone is getting on the bandwagon of Jenny McCarthy should have kept her comments to herself all these years if they understand the mama bear reaction to having your child sick. Maybe she can no longer say she is coming to the table as a mom of a child with autism but a mother coming to the table of her child having an auto-immune disorder.

We shouldn't hate on mothers for advocating for all diseases. We don't want our children suffering today or tomorrow.

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