To make a New Year's Resolution?!?!

The end of 2013 sent me in a tail spin. Telling you it felt hard to catch my breath with good news and bad intermixed would be an understatement.

So with an anticipation about what 2014 will bring, I might be nervous for the year ahead.

I had all these plans, good plans, complicated plans, challenges and goals that I had expected to do. My wrench in my plans have made me reevaluate a bit over and over again. Ohhh the mind is a horrible place when you start over thinking everything.

I want to focus on health... I think that will be a huge factor this year for me. While I tend to focus on a number or an obvious goal... This year my plan is overall health. The husband and I am vowing to go Coca-Cola free this year. And push more excercise into our lifestyle.

Business wise I want to push myself this year. I want to give it all I can. With a fairly awesome year and a half, I want to push the envelope, push the capabilities and see how much further I can soar. I have always been a big believer in if you cam believe it, it will happen. I have had an easier time doing so with my business.

And then personally, I'm going to stop apologizing for myself. This was a revelation I had at a mom event where fellow bloggers brought their kids. I tend to not bring them not because they aren't well behaved, please they genuinely are awesome, but because I feel I am burdening people. But why, I'm a mom of 3. I might put my hair in a bun because I had to change an extra shirt before leaving the house, but why do I need to explain or give people the excuse of the lack of fixed hair? So I'm not, anymore. I am me, how my day played out, my week played out is not a catastrophic mistake that I can't get a handle on but the reality of my functioning chaos.

I like chaos... I strive on chaos. And I love my chaos. So why apologize for my chaos.

So I hope you all find your resolutions with peace and it leads you to the ultimate 2014.

*side note if you are a Sagittarius, don't read any horoscope predictions they might make you want to take your own life.

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