Getting Festive with PC President's Choice

The holidays and holiday decorating has changed since having kids. It use to be a lot of sparkle and metallics, crystal and fine China.

But with 3 kids under 7 its hard enough to decorate without them breaking, misplacing, playing or redecorating with them.

I don't try and completely change the whole decor in our home as its mostly red based. So we decided to add some festiveness in our kitchen and headed over to Loblaws/Superstore to see what they had.

The selection of Christmas decor options was great, while my husband grabbed a pre-made meal, the girls and I picked out some fun stuff to add to our kitchen for the holidays.

We picked up some bowls and mugs, napkins, napkin holders and a table cloth for the round kitchen table. All pieces under $5. A great whimsical addition to our already established red decorations.

How do you incorporate Christmas for your kids?


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