Easter... Favorite holiday?!?!?

Most people relish Christmas. I love Christmas, I love it even more since having kids. But it still doesn't compare to Easter for me.

Christmas to me is one day. All this planning and organizing for one day and its done. People seem to get tired of all the Holiday parties... I never get tired of Easter.

Easter is over a week of family getting together, doing stuff. Its always been that way. My grandma and mom would gather to bake for days on end, going to a full week of church services and culminate with a festivity of feast on Easter Sunday.
I love church at Easter, let's be honest we don't all go religiously every Sunday, but at Easter we all gather by something bigger than faith but faith mixed with humanity. Being Greek Orthodox means we get to see our other fellow Greek Orthodox community join and rejoice.

Easter could be seen as such an ugly holiday if we discuss the events but here we are in joy, candles lit, street lined cheering Hristos Anesti (Christ is Risen)... Yes just like in my Big Fat Greek Wedding. Midnight with our peplum dressed girls, suit adorned little boys all dressed in Sunday best all week.

I am so happy its Holy Week/Easter Week... My girls are old enough to help and I'm in the mood to bake, even pregnant. And my girls seem to be excited for Easter and this makes my heart smile.

We started baking yesterday... Koulourakia. It was awesome.Wishing you all a beautiful Easter.

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