Christmas Cheer!

It's been an exhausting year and I haven't posted or even shared we were expecting #4 on here. But I wanted to come on and share it's been too long.

With the holidays we are just so excited to have 4 beautiful girls growing in our family. We are in such awe of how uniquely different each of them are from each other but also how sweet and jovial they also can be.

We took them down to the Eaton Center right after we picked up our oldest 2 and headed downtown Toronto as I needed to to City Hall. Funny how it turned into a teachable moment, my older 3 now know what city hall is and funnily enough think I am important enough to think I had to meet the mayor (I was there on much lesser and mundane things to do.)

But then I figured a nice visit to the Eaton Center would be great I use to love seeing all the decor and the festive cheer in the mall. I spent way too long in the Indigo as my daughters ran around in the children section. They were so distracted I got away with buying books and having them wrapped too.

It's real fun and important to make lasting memories for your kids. It's fun to see their faces light up too. I'm just happy I get to share these moments with them this holiday season and every day as well.

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