The great adventure of 4

I don't post much lately... which is quite sad. Honestly sad.

I do miss blogging, I miss sharing... but who knew 4 babies would alter your train of thought.

Each child uniquely easy... one likes colouring, the other to play outside, one reading or Dora episodes on TV and the other just breastfeeding... but put them together and somehow more than one is begging for your attention.

There is a ton of learning patience that wouldn't be taught if there was one or even just 2. Someone daily feels they got the shaft... but what they don't realize its been 2 hours since I started making something for myself to eat and then I get asked to make a snack for someone, change a diaper, read this note from the teacher, put on this movie, help my jacket is stuck, mom she called me the S word... ohhh and my warm bagel is no longer warm, my coffee is frozen and I still haven't fed myself.

Then the emails come through; Girl Guides telling me about the week's activities, dancing, the principal's emails, text messages come through, read them but someone is calling your name or someone just spilt something on the brand new hardwood floors.

Nothing gets a response... I get an Instagram picture in, I see a quick article on Facebook (I am entrenched in this measles outbreak and what I think is encroaching on people's Human Rights by forcing vaccines but that's for another post) and I share it. The news is playing in the background but I can't hear what its saying... I catch tidbits here and there.

By the time dinner comes around there is a mountain of laundry sitting on the couch to be folded and then headed to bed its silly chaos. Something about the words "ok, everyone upstairs let's get ready for bed" means lets go upstairs jump on the beds, be extra silly, take forever to put on pjs. Eldest reads to the baby, putting on a diaper of my toddler (wishing and praying she'd go pee in a potty) the slowest to get ready is doing God knows what instead of brushing her teeth. And then they are all ready.

and all I want to do...

is take pictures of them because at this very moment they never looked more beautiful, more sweet, more loving and just perfect.

Being a mom of 4 isn't easy but being a mom to these 4 is a blessing. And while I miss blogging I understand that it needs to come when it can because right now I am busy being mom.

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