Be the Change!!!!!

I rarely post about celebrity on here. While I like to take a position of all moms are equals, celebrity doesn't have it any different. They are solely responsible for raising their kid as they see fit... if they fail or succeed its really up to them. Just like it is for us.

Juggling parenthood is hard. Being a mom to 4 kids is hard. And I appreciate when I get help. Actually help isn't the word I like to use to describe my husband's relationship to me and parenting. We co-parent. We both are equally involved... we both take on an equal amount of responsibility.

But the world we live in doesn't foster co-parenting. I have girls and the older they get it solely becomes my responsibility to take them to public washrooms. I never realised I was solely responsible for changing table duties until Ashton Kutcher pointed it out on his Facebook.

Men are equal partners in the parenting relationships... they deserve ease in this. Now before you get all why should it be easy for men... because we as women deserve a break and its easier to get a break when men don't feel defeated being out with their babies.

Children and parents are the catalyst of the future. Stick by me here I am not going to get preachy. When parents of kids feel like integral parts of the big picture, they are welcomed with open arms and not seen as the breeders of snotty, germy noise makers. "Why do they allow kids on planes, trains or elevators?"--- are you one of these douches? These kids you might not want to share air space with could be your future employee, student, or even your doctor.

Isn't it best that the parent raising them feel ease with taking their kids out so they can go home and stay confidently in good spirits so they can foster good kids who eventually become good people. So I commend Ashton Kutcher and encourage all public male washrooms come fully equipped with change tables.

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