Decorating for your family.

Last year I endeavored to renovate my house with my whole family still living in it. It appears I figured it would be totally acceptable to lose my mind, my sanity and my better sense of judgement.

Did I mention, I envisioned myself going full tilt in my renos with baby #4 in my belly?

We had a huge burst pipe in what was our living room ceiling and that sprinted us into completely changing the whole house. In what I could only describe as a labour of serious love and style we created something that both and my husband can be proud of.

Actually mixing our personal styles to create the ultimate designer first floor was fun. Adding girly touches, adding intricate craftsmanship and infusing our everyday business into our home was important.

It truly was an adventure and many said I should have moved out, truth is I totally should have. But we live, we learn. It also taught my children to not expect things will always be perfect and while something was here yesterday it might not be here today.

So I'm pretty excited to show you every room in the house that was fixed and bring you on our journey of fun home renos.

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