Where you at?

I started Mommy Doings years ago as a young mom who wanted to write about what a mom is doing... that you can be a relevant person without being pigeonholed a mom. Like some how that connotation was frowned upon.

Many things have changed since I started the blog... I never appreciated the platform I had because I didn't enjoy the term Mom blogger. I didn't enjoy the label because I was more than that and wanted to describe that but couldn't find the voice I wanted to in a time where Mom blogging was actually huge.

I started my jewelry line, my passion in life and my blog took a back seat. It didn't deserve the back seat. I started the blog with the intention of being the voice of moms who are more than moms. Who push their own personal boundaries, who prevail at their job/family balance and who are out there getting it all done.

I had another emotional transformative year this last year, a huge wake up call of what I expect for myself and what kind of path I can forge for my children as a role model.

In the next upcoming weeks many things for me will change and many won't seem fathomable. I can't share my secret, my fun adventure yet... I'm excited to revisit my blog. Who knows maybe it will also get an update, a change, an uplift.

All I know is I am literally reaching for the stars and asking you to join me on my journey and share your journey with me too.

xo Angie

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