Out and About and all around!

I really do enjoy my outings, I really enjoy outings that feel worth getting dressed, getting a sitter and driving into the core of the sitting attempting to find parking and make enjoying the evening!

I really really have to give it to GotStyle for not just putting together a nice event, but getting a crowd that fill the room and make you want to stay there and not run for the Hills! While I brought my husband to the Naked Mens Boxer Briefs event at the new Got Style Location (60 Bathurst St.,) which may I add I am a fan of, we had already missed the fashion show.

(the wooden art piece in the middle of the store)

Don't get me wrong, I would have enjoyed to see the models peruse through the crowd of people, but this crowd was uplifting and social... talking, networking and making a Men's Event something worth talking about. Men's wear doesn't get the attention Female labels do... yet 50% of the population are males and they make an average median income that is far greater than their equal counterparts, women!

I love Men's Fashion, it is the hidden art of making a man more impactful, of adding a certain sense of self with the most accurate amounts of simplicity. Men's Wear couldn't handle the tsotchkies and severe changes, they couldn't handle the large shifts in their closets. It's in the simplicity of the details in which men's clothing makes a mark.

(husband with George Strombo)
Got Style did a fantastic job, we had fun... it also helped that George Strombolopoulos made an appearance, surely there wasn't a woman in the room who wasn't swooning.

(me and Strombolopoulos)

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