Dream a little dream tonight!!!

I actually have been dying to blog recently... and I have a million post ideas in which to write about.

Now let's talk about the Elephant in the room... I ran my election as said before, and I was lovingly defeated and did not do as well as I had hoped to. But the process was so over the top fantastic and I was so happy to have done so, than to have not done it when I was fearing within myself about the process and the abilities I had.

I am so ever grateful to the most wonderful family members I have who came out and canvassed door to door with me. I am thankful to those who came out and supported me at my events and most of all I am thankful to my husband and my daughters who had to endure an upheaval of our household while I pursued a dream of mine!

Perhaps my loss is well a loss... but the greatness I have learnt and the pride I get to feel when I tell my children that if you want something you go out there and get it, don't let the inner voices of failure sway you, don't let others inabilities to persuade you and reach for the moon, because somewhere there you'll be up amongst the stars (that last bit I read somewhere unknown.)

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