Belle of the Ball!

I really do love my neighbourhood... most of the people I know know this about me!

It's always sad when a business closes in the ward that one lives in to be unsure that something just as great if not better opens! And then something does, and it brings a smile to your face and a beaming glow to the rest of the dwellers of said neighbourhood.

To this I attribute Bobbette & Belle that opened up on Queen St. E. I had the pleasure of going to the grand opening and even with my new health kick and need to lose weight for my 30th birthday I couldn't resist the delicacies that were sprawled out on the table. Beautifully decorated location with stunning cakes out on display... a grand kitchen in the back! This patisserie is gorgeous!

After having a conversation with one of the owners it was a pleasure to find out that she lives in my little neck of the woods neighbourhood... and what more can you ask but to support a neighbour as well as getting a great macaron just down the street!

I have to be honest I enjoyed a fresh chocolate marshmallow and a white macaron.... it was divine! The patisserie has Wi-Fi which may be too good to be true... as I would spend far to long noshing on way too yummy food. But they make a mean hot chocolate and have a very appealing and comfortable space that makes you feel as luxurious as it looks.

So if you happen to come down to Leslieville it's a must see and a must taste experience!


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