Walking Dead!

I hate... repeat it... I HATE HORROR MOVIES!

I always have I always will hate gross, dirty, Gorey horror films. Worst of all I live in a home with a man who loves these movies, enjoys them... and when he encourages me to watch them my blood churns at the thought. Don't get me wrong I am a good wife, I have tried and tried... Texas Chain Saw Massacre... gross! Saw... sheer DISGUST!

But then AMC, which has turned out to be my most new favorite station on television with ground breaking produced shows such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad throws me a wrench into the mix by creating this masterpiece they call "Walking Dead."

The show starts off following the situation that brings Police Officer Rick Grimes to understand a disease has possessed the population, he was left for dead and zombies roam the streets... while he searches for living folk, it almost is reminiscent of Will Smith's version of Hancock but so much better. This is a great story taken from another comic book series, but it's so lovingly executed... I really am excited about this storyline. I am mostly sad that there is only 6 episodes this season, I haven't heard if they are picking the series up for further episodes but they sure should.

So if you like GORE, but if you like great storyline this is a great show to watch! Trust me!


  1. We read all (or up to date) of the Walking Dead comic books - insanity. The series is a little different (sometimes for the better) but we're so stoked to see some of the stories play out. One word of advice - don't get attached to ANY character! ;-)

  2. Awesome!! I love the scary, gross movies but what I love most about The Walking Dead is that its not so much about the zombies but about the people. I can't tell you how many "normal" people are hooked on the show and as a longtime Zombimaniac, I love it!


  3. this is hands down the best thing to come on tv in a while... this is fixing my lack of Heroes in my life! Ep.4 was CRAZY!!!

  4. I haven't seen this yet but I might check it out. I'm not a major fan of zombie movies either, but if it's got a good story line...!

  5. Walking Dead is like 28 Days Later but that movie I could stomach. I couldn't bear to see the half zombie walking across the graveyard in the first episode. My hubby loves the show though...absolutely loves it!