The Christmas Buzz...

I really am a shopping junkie, but I am a hardcore shopper... the one who can shuffle through a rack with pizazz, determination and the ability to dissect the objects very quickly.

I have to say I have only shopped online once.... not sure why, but my experience left me happy and pleasantly surprised. (thank you and this has allowed be to become highly more opened to the idea of shopping online.

And then I am sitting a table having drinks when a old friend of mine tells me about never heard of it, but how appealing to be able to purchase Canadian made garments in a one stop. Doesn't help that I have a personal infatuation with Breeyn McCarney dresses.

And then I had heard that my favorite Internet window shopping site opened a boutique right here in Toronto, let the anxious giggles begin!! I love this Augustina Boutiques Ltd., with it's gold jewellery and it's adorable clutches like the evie envelope with it's massive bow on the front. But my anticipation and excitement will be if they have the vintage Babar prints the show in the Auggie section of the site which is the very adorably shown kids items.

So if you are interested in getting some shopping done, here are some great avenues to spoil yourself as well as others during the Holiday, I know I will!

PS. Did I mention that December is my birthday month... and I super excited to turn 30!! **hint, hint on the items I want**


  1. Oh, I've got my shopping issues too :P! I took a quick glance at Augustina Boutiques, and I think I like what I see!

    And Happy early birthday wishes! Party hard on your dirty thirty!

  2. i love online shopping although i hate the S&H when you shop all the US sites.

    happy birthday month! and to think you were calling me young at the HUG event! you're only turning 30!!