The Art of.... Networking!

This last week I have gone to 2 separate networking events, I wouldn't say they are my forté or even something I have mastered but I might be able to give you a fun girl's guide to understanding it better than what some buttoned up shirt might tell you.

  1. You are nothing less than your own personality. You have a lot to say, do you know this? What do you do? Where do you work? What do you plan on doing? And then if someone says something that you find intriguing, interesting or wish you could just ask them something else.... what are you waiting for this is a networking event, ASK! Be honest, of course your ON and people are seeing you in a light that you want to be deemed as a good sale, but be serious, if you can't share honesty, your lost right out of the gate.

  2. Bring business cards... if NOT make sure you collect as many as you can. This is incredibly indispensable! Why, you ask? Well one, it will give you creative ideas of what you might want your card to look like, and second it will give you contact information no matter what.

  3. Be fairly early... gives you a chance to mingle longer getting the best out of the event, hors d'oeuvres if you are hungry and a good spot to sit if needs be.

  4. Ask around to see if anyone you know might be there? They don't need to be your closest friend but someone where if you bumped into them it would be instant conversation where you could then get into a personal groove to move on to more wonderful people.

  5. Life is short... if you want to move up in the ladder of life, get on it, no one can push you there, and by this I say make the most out of the experience.

So I will continue to hit the circuit, figuring out the next obvious path for myself... I think the tunnel with the light coming through is in my horizon, so I think I am getting close. Just have fun and maybe we'll be at the same event, and if so come and say Hi. I always say Hi back... LOL!! :)



  1. These are some great tips on how to social network. I am quite nervous about going up to people are introducing myself. It's a fear I need to get over. At least I am one step ahead, I got calling cards printed up!

  2. Ohhhh Leesh,
    Thanks! This was my most horrifying post to write... never want to be a to do kind of girl, horribly afraid to sound like a know it all... I usually share my posts on twitter and on facebook, this one I avoided for that reason only! So that means a lot to me! :)