Sitting in the audience...

Sometimes I do fun things... sometimes I just stay home and clean out my cupboards, but on both occasions I get happy.

Today, I got to sit in the audience of Steven and Chris on CBC, this is not my first time sitting in the audience, in my early 20s I got to sit in the audience over at CityLine and even get called in for another show for a hair makeover. But this format was different and a lot of fun, the show is done pre-tapped, and it's amusing to see the slip-ups and honesty that comes from these guys.

I went to the show with my mom and my coumbara (Greek for my daughter's godmother); my mother had never done anything like this before, the whole time she glowed, with a perma-smile. It was really nice to see that coming from her. She has had a hard couple of years and she deserved to do something out of her box, best part is I think she is hooked, she wants to go again. **which I think is so absolutely cute and endearing**

I wish I had taken my camera, perhaps next time! During all the commercial sections of the show, the audience warm-up guy gave some great gifts, we played some fun games... it was really more fun than I can explain.

If you want to catch the episode I was sitting through it will be on at 2pm on December 15th, early birthday gift!

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