Happy Birthday!!

Today I turn 30!!! I have never been this excited about a birthday... perhaps my sweet 16, but even that I am far more excited I think this time!!!

I am so excited I just want to share the birthday LOVE!!! And so for my birthday and the fact that my blog is and has been over a year old I am holding my first ever contest! What a better product that the Peace, Love and Juicy Couture perfume!

So from today til New Year's eve please follow the blog and tell me how you spent the best birthday you remember, tell me what was the best gift someone ever got you or how you spoiled yourself! I want to share in your fantastic memories while I make my own!!!

Good Luck to you all! And thank you Mom, because without you well..... I wouldn't be celebrating today would I!

***this is an image of the product on the Internet, I have the box in my possession fully wrapped and I have not opened it... not sure what is inside, but I believe this is what it will look like***


  1. Happy birthday pretty lady! Funny enough, it was my birthday this year that sticks out - a great breakfast of tiropita and loukoumades with my best friends followed by some 11 am martinis! Thanks for coming by and making it even better :)))

  2. sounds like you had a blast! looking forward to the blog update about your party

  3. My 26th birthday sticks out to me as it was the first birthday I had my (then) infant son. It was wonderful to celebrate for the first time as a family of three! Happy birthday to you and great contest.