How do you find a word that means Maria?

" How do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you hold a moon beam in your hand?---"

There is not many Maria/Mary's in my life... and for those who know me so well, know of a Maria who has been part of my life for so long that I get all bubbly inside like the Julie Andrews character of Maria in the Sound of Music.

But there is a new Mary in my life... and I was and still get excited about the idea of seeing her or the pieces she creates, this being Mary Katrantzou.

I don't get excited much about fashion lately... as so much of it feels same old, same old! Let's repeat the decades of the 30s through to even the 90s on repeating stylish pieces giving them a slight redo, better material composition and perhaps call it anew. But there are times like when I happened to stumble upon's pictures from the runways (thank you from us minions who are sitting in the comfort of their couches who can appreciate what is happening across the globe) where I see something that astounds me.

As I am staring at each picture and imagining the imagery of architectural beauty that drew her to put art on the a material and create a beautiful dress... I dare not say more than I was FLOORED! And then the opportunity came to meet Mary (who I had exchanged a few words with on twitter previously) at the Room for the God Save the Queen event.

Even more personable than you can imagine, a humble person at best.... this is not the persona I would have ever expected from someone who got to show at London Fashion week; but here she is talking to MOI her biggest Canadian fan. Her pieces are as beautiful as they appear on the runway, and unfortunately this isn't always the reality. Some pieces slightly reminiscent of Marie Antoinette with details and accents more towards the hip over the shoulder. Her lampshade detailed skirt are really just more and more beautiful than you can imagine.

I really really want on of these pieces, this has gone high on my WANT list... so much so that I think I might NEED one!

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