Ohhh September!

I just realised that I had only written 3 posts in the whole month of September, and really I am not remotely surprised.

September has been a good & bad month for me, with a bunch of personal firsts, a bunch of personal realities, social realities and just stuff... but all in all it's been a month with a lot of reflection which wasn't going to be something I was working on, as you know I like to take time to work on me as much on the other things I tend to do.

What I learnt so far in September:

Your friends will surprise you! Someone might take their time to be there, to be that support you so much wanted and needed... and friends who you know were your friends and somehow allowed far to much distance get between you, surprise you with the reality that well there has been that obvious connection that existed and you weren't crazy.

Ohhh and friends well... just aren't your friends. They talk about you, behind your back, push their personal gains ahead as they butcher your friendship... but somehow want to continue to pretend they are your friend. Which really the more I come to terms with it, are NOT my friends!

I can easily become demoralised... so easily can I get frustrated, when I believed my strength in this world is my conviction to things, but it wanes off and on, and I push and push to keep my convictions into motivations; because you can't let little things bring you down.

And for as much as I could bicker and complain (falling off someones porch slamming my face into their gas meter would be one of those issues) the universe keeps telling me I have good karma and the universe has good intentions headed for me. Like losing my purse in the middle of the city and a good citizen bringing it up to my street to try and find me, leaving it with my neighbour.

And I NEED social experiences, outings, conversations, banter and well just a good ol' girls day out at the spa getting a mani-pedi! Some like to dwell in their dwellings and can feel satisfied with many nights in front of the TV, reading a good book and just being them and their children, I am not that I need more to be satisfied.

So with some much internally fulfilled without pursuit... I am SO looking forward to what October has in stored for me, just hopefully less eventfully harmful!

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