Missing in Action... what a true statement that is for me. I have been missing from my nice and humble abode of blogging, with my uber friendly bloggers making me feel so wonderful. But I have abandon ship for a short time. But I will be back, I have a ton to share.

But in the meantime I know I have told you all I am running for city council here in Toronto, for my ward of 30. I great little adventure it has already turned out to be and I plan to keep enjoying the ride.

Well in about a week is my first fundraiser and I would love for if you live in Toronto, or at least work or play in the day downtown that you can come out and support the event. If you are on Facebook and want details to the event go HERE but if you just want the details and read a bit more about my campaign please go HERE



  1. I was just going to leave a comment last night asking where the heck you've been!! Obviously, very busy. Hope you're enjoying every second of your campaign.

  2. If I lived in your ward, I would definitely be at your fundraising party. But since I don't, please know that you have my support and I am rooting for you!

  3. Aww you guys are great! And you guys are still more than welcome to come to the event if you want to!

    But thanks for the unwavering support!