I got scented!

I have been so crazy busy around here lately... truly like a chicken with her head cut off! With 2 weddings, 2 toddlers in a odd behavioural age and a campaign --- Momma needed an outing!

And was it ever easy to do so, when you get invited to figure out what scent you are!

The lovely Jen booked me and some lovely ladies out for a nice little experience in the world of scents at Aromachology. It was a fun meet in the pop-up store in the Four Season's Hotel during the hustle and bustle of Toronto International Film Festival with recent sitings of Scott Speedman and Gene Simmons.
Me and the lovely bloggers @luckypennydaily and @karmacakedotca

I was greeted and was handed a lovely questionnaire with different descriptors I see myself in, one even made me laugh... but I like to laugh about how I perceive myself. I was a mix of 2 different scents, but Sophisticated and Sensual- floral won out! But then you can keep going... pushing through with more adjective named scents to add to your base to create a scent that is just right for you.

Now I am not a daily perfume girl... don't tend to wear one, but when it's about getting pretty wearing something stunning, putting on makeup, nails done, stilettos on, you need the scent... because you want to be a all senses kind of experience for your boyfriend, husband or hopeful new suitor. And please... mommy needs to feel sexy too!

The scent note bar

But what a joy to add hints of Open-minded, creative and spontaneous to the scent mix.
I had a blast doing this little experiment, it truly was a fun distraction from the last while. Please do check them out online, or stop by the Bay in Yorkdale Toronto... or Henri Bendell's NYC; make it a girls day--- you'll thank me!


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  1. Like you, I don't wear perfume either but this sounds like a really cool concept.