Thank God for Date Night! (The Town)

Seldom do date nights exist! Rarity where the girls go to my mom's for an over night trip where that night and the next am there isn't something largely construed by someone other than me and that I can do whatever I just feel like it, do what I want, play how I want, wake up when I want.

But we got a date night here, and was it one that has kept me smiling!

We went to go see The Town! Ohhhh THE TOWN! This date night turned into a movie review that had to happen. So with a ton of promotion, a star filled cast and some much hype the Directorial project of Ben Affleck's The Town was the movie that won when deciding what movie be watching this evening. We chose over Easy A, Residential Evil 3D and Wall Street and the Town... husband has a crush on Blake Lively and I had heard the buzz!

The movie starts right from the start with a robbery, if you saw a preview you knew it was about robberies, I have not spoiled the plot for you! LOL But it goes into the grimy parts of Boston (let me add I had never known there to be seedy parts of Boston, but we all learn from movies don't we) Ben Affleck crooked, Blake Lively fantastically Trashy... honestly it's believable!

The movie goes through twists and turns about how criminals and victims can become intertwined, how the good guys want to catch the bad guys and the obvious there is the good bad guys and the BAD bad guys! The movie delves into the obvious of what conditions it takes to produce such characters, it really is a perfection in human belief, circumstances that brought them there and decisions we are faced with everyday.

The scenes are believable... husband refuses to see another car chase where cars do like 4 - 360s just to land on it's tire just to drive off. The visuals are beautiful and the homage to Boston is sincere and lovely! It shows that there is love for the town which the movie was filmed in. The story obvious plot... but the movie gritty and good.

To be honest, wasn't a fan of Hamm's performance, maybe because he came off to dirty and grimy and I see him as Don Dapper way too much!

The end was suspenseful and chilling, gross and honest... I left the theater uberly satisfied. It was outstanding. If I had to grade it, for me it would a 4.5 stars out of 5. Truly brilliant! I think this might have possibilities during award seasons, FOR SURE for Directorial! And don't think that is all Ben Affleck succeeded at, his acting was stellar, and his body (physical body I am referring to here, not his body of work) is to die for, would make most men jealous and obviously women paying attention to him. I believe this movie will be the resurrection of his dwindling career!

Just Brilliant! Catch the preview.

(Husband feels that this trailer doesn't even do ths movie any justice, this is a movie you are just going to have to go see.)

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  1. The Town was amazing. Ben did a great job acting in it and even directing it. If his looks go away, he will always have a job directing.

    Glad you watched the movie. After I saw it, I also blogged about it because I want everyone else to watch it.