Meet a mommy!

I recently had an A-HA! moment, I was very excited about this idea... couldn't wait to get started on the project!

I like to believe myself to be a really social mom... to much of the chagrin of some people around me, I don't believe you are a healthy human or person if you can't begin to imagine yourself balancing both work, kids and a social life! The social aspect of my life had lost it's place in my life for a very long time, it probably was a reason I wasn't feeling as happy or content with myself.

But the best part is I started to notice the happy women who were moms were balancing, they were active in a community project, they were aware of the things that bring interest to them and they were perfecting balance and passion all at the same time.

So as of tomorrow... prepare to read about some great Moms living across the Continent and how the enjoy balancing being a mom and a social creature all at the same time.

If you know any great Moms, Mums or Mommies who fit and should be encouraged to show off how they greatly balance send them my way! Enjoy the read, the moms I have planned are great you'll all really enjoy!

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