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Meet Vicky, she's the first Mom chosen for the Social Mom Monthly highlight. We started with a Toronto mommy, she is in my hometown and I am big believer that Toronto is a really social city. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Vicky myself but we've become twitter buddies and I am always in awe of how busy and bustling she is and how she's mastered the art of the juggle. You can always tell by how active she is on her twitter handle @momwhoruns... follow her she's great!

  1. Tell me about yourself! -- A daughter who is 11 and a son who is 15 year old. I am a food sales rep and I love my job. It allows me to still get the job done while having the flexibility to drop off lunch at school when they forget it in the car!!--- she also has a great little blog at Mom Who Runs
  2. How do you like to stay social? What sources of social networks do you use to stay connected? --I am very social... tweet-ups, events (interior design show, beer festival, etc.) meeting friends for coffee (this is critical). LOL
  3. Does your social life ever interfere with your family life and how do you make it balance? --sometimes my daughter says "I wish you didn't have to go to so many events". I took her to an event once so that she would have an understanding of what they are like. She had a blast!!
  4. Do you have separate social events for work and life? --Absolutely. I couldn't see myself going out three nights in a row to events.
  5. I know you excercise... but do you find excercising a social regimen? Do you find it adds or distracts from your social calendar? --I love to excercise. It's a must!!( kinda like having a coffee.) It feels good to excercise... mentally and physically.
  6. What was the most favorite thing you spent money on recently? --This year I spent $$ on a MacBook, an Ipad and a Canon DLSR. I am loving all three purchase... way more than a Michael Kors handbag. My fave purchase would have to be the Ipad; it's just such a cool toy.
  7. Do you have a social calendar in your house, something where all your weekly or monthly events are up for display? How do you use it? --We have a calendar in the kitchen to track appointments and my husbands travel schedule as well as invitations for dinners/parties etc.
  8. Do you use social media? What is your biggest personal benefit you get from it? --I'm loving Twitter. It has expanded my network in a huge way.
  9. When you do go out what is your primary choice of enjoyment, what kind of events do you prefer to attend? --I mostly go to tweet-ups at a restaurant that I have not been to or to an event. I recently went to a Molecular Gastronomy event!
  10. If you can tell a Mom about the benefits of having a social life, what would you say to them? --Its good for you. Simple as that. It's nice to know that you are a mom... but that there is a world outside of "mommyhood".
It was really great to have Vicky be the first of the Mommy's to share. Next socially mommy resides in California... stay tuned!!!


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  1. great idea... great blog... best of luck. :) These mommies are inspiring! <3