Twitter and the Social Mommy!

You can see from the side bar on my blog that I am an active twitter user, if you see a post now, and return to this blog in a few hours I can guarantee the posts you see will not be there when you come back.

Do I love my twitter??? That would be an understatement I couldn't begin to describe like a mature women! I love my twitter for so many reasons I couldn't describe in one blog post. But one of my most favorite parts to twitter is the social aspect it provides for well just anyone.

I have a new mommy friend from Twitter, her loveliness is Shweta. She found me one day on twitter messaged me and the rest is history. (ohhh and if you chose to go on twitter after reading this post, engage me because there is not one person on twitter that I won't talk to) But a while back Shweta said to me, you want to come with me to this Share Social event being held at a local Loblaws sponsored by PC Financial/Mastercard. I had met Kathy Buckworth at a Women's Post before and felt slightly excited and nerdy fan-like at the fact that I would be hearing her speak again.

And then the talk started... what can I say? You put a group of socially interactive women in one room, a majority of them mommies and the gab fest begins! It was really a great activity listening and sharing my personal story about what Twitter has provided to our social lives and interaction as a whole. My most favorite part (ok so I might be a silly fan, but mom's who know how to balance, is where I get most giddy about) was meeting the lovely Catherine Connors from Her Bad Mother; I have been a fan of hers when I read her awe inspiring post about Africa.

There really is something truly fantastic when you put together some great moms into one room, so extremely social media conscious folk who really are there to grow as individuals as well as learn from each other. I couldn't begin to tout the experience enough and all I can say is stay tuned as they might come to your town.

*side note the gift bag is actually pretty sweet!!*

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  1. You are truly Twitterati! Your late (late) night posts keep me company here on the westcoast!

    You never know who you'll meet from Twitter - and it looks like you've made some great connections already!