March Forward!

March is a peculiar month... it's said that March is the month where Winter fights off Spring!

I feel this to be so true for us all... Spring brings on newness, change, birth and blossoming! So March is the internal tug and pull of growth and letting the new win into your life. I like this concept because I believe that yearly we are in a mode of newness, that we regenerate and bring on new projects, new vacations and well something new to learn.

On the blog and in my own life I feel that this newness has been fighting it's way into the new mold... and while part of the subconscious is fighting it off, the conscious part of me is excited that it wins and I keep doing new things that I am passionate about. The blog has great new things looking forward.

Ohhh and I am starting a new workout regimen for myself... I am guessing you've heard about P90X, my little cousin has been touting how great and fantastic it is, never was really interested, but I was getting lackadaisical and needed to get back to the grind of working out and being healthy. And with the idea of the pinks, and the creams, the warmth of sandal wearing, light fabrics all I can think is bring on Spring, I am bringing on the best me!

How will you be celebrating March, and yes I mean celebrating... life is short, this month doesn't go out without a fight, let's celebrate it, how will you be doing that?


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