Pantry Purge!

I haven't stopped making food since the day I started making brownies!! While it has been fun for every one's palette, it hit a nerve that day!

I can bake, I actually am a great baker (I have plenty of bad qualities so I am not boasting here,)but as I started to bake I realised that I am always willing to pick up store bought cookies, brownies, go for a Starbucks run when I have nearly every ingredient to bake, cook or brew all my favorite goodies!

So I am on a kick, instead of letting anything in my house sit for months or even a year on end, and I am referring to dry products why not make my own! I like artisan breads, why not make my own? I almost feel ridiculous that this is something I am fully capable of doing myself but I wastefully pay for others to do.

So for the next month I will continue to use up the ingredients in my baking cupboard, my spices that don't get used on a daily basis! So excited to see what I can come up with!


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