A little bit of Sublime, to pass the time!

Last Friday I got to go to a beauty launch party! And when I realised it was a beauty event I knew the smartest thing to do was to invite my little cousin to come a long... no one loves make up like she does, so this was totally up her alley.

When we arrived at the L'Oreal Creative Labs her face lit up and I knew we were up for a good little launch! It's like they knew I was coming everything was my favorite shade of hot pink, we even ate strawberry mousse cups, but the guest of honour that night was Hair!

L'Oreal was launching for the first time in Canada their new Sublime Mousse hair dye, I think I have dyed my hair a million times since the age of 16, this was totally up my alley, especially since my roots are growing in and getting bored of this colour already! They had models with freshly dyed hair walking around and sharing their great new colour, and even the fabulous Eric Del Monaco (who you'll hear more about this week to come) showing us how great the product was to use and apply.

Now I couldn't go to such a great event and just come on here to brag, so the great people of L'Oreal put together a great little swag bag for a lucky reader of Mommydoings; this contest is unfortunately only for those who live in Canada.

So easy, just :

1- comment and let me know what sublime means to you and

2- follow the blog or like the facebook page, let me know which one you chose to do, and what your contact name is on it.

*contest runs til April 24th... don't miss out!*


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  1. Sublime to me is definitely a glass of wine and a hot bath with epsom salts. 100% sublime.

    Followed FB page! "Karly Gaffney"