Finding One's Self!

I don't tend to blog a lot about Motherhood, being that I am one of the firsts of my friends to have babies I never felt it my place to bombard my friend with talks of poop, parenting, late nights and exhaustion. Not to mention the lack of connection with ones body after a whole other body has left your own. Do I do it to not deter my friends, perhaps--- I think being a Mother is great, and would never tell someone anything that could make them change their minds in having something that truly has brought such utter joy into my life.

But there is something about becoming a mom, the added pressures that most don't understand til you are a mom, and the lack of self care that happens while you are trying to be Super Mom! Your brain hits serious over drive, not being all you can be really allows your brain to go into overdrive in the lack of who you are without your children and how much you can be for them because you want them to be proud of their mama!

So while you are tugging and pulling with your brain, your diet, excercise, work and children are tugging and pulling at you physically. And many of us have our A-HA moments! Mine was when my arm broke (only because imagine all those tasks and thoughts and then not being allowed to do them because you are FORCED to heal), truly presented me without an option than to confront my thoughts and how little I was taking care of myself.

Many Mommies have these moments, and here at Mommy Doings it just wouldn't be right to share these stories so that we can all know we've been there and we can get passed it, but most of all we are NOT alone!


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  1. totally true. it's only natural to pour ourselves into our family and let our own health come second.

    the balance is hard but it's very important to take time for yourself - something i learned the hard way - because a happy mommy = happy family!

    btw, i also try not to get caught up in baby talk because i remember when i was kid-less, all those stories about walking and teething and poopy diapers were boooring!