P90X-- Bring It!

My husband and I have been super busy, we have so many little projects on the go... we don't always get a chance to leave the house to fit in an excercise routine, I have tried it all currently loving my Zumba class which doesn't feel like a workout at all, and I really love light weight training of multiple moves in a muscle conditioning format.

But when my cousin kept touting the idea of how wonderful P90X was, I wasn't remotely close to believing her, the idea of doing a video/DVD workout seems so ridiculous to me, I am not easily motivated to get a serious sweat on in my home, while my fridge is an arm stretch away, while the option of watching TV gossip rags, soaps and other frivolous television shows.

But then my husband said he'd get on the bandwagon, and we've been working out together... it's been a perk and it gives us something further to bond with that doesn't take extra time out of our day to convince each other to do so. So we have been experiencing P90X through the eyes of Tony Horton, what a great physique this man has may I add.

Tell me what is your favorite excercise routine, what's your favorite way to burn calories? Do you work better at home in your own privacy or in a gym atmosphere? Do you need an instructor or trainer to motivate you?


  1. My hubby's friend is suppose to give us a copy of P90X but we haven't seen it yet.

    These days I am into Pilates. I use to also run on the treadmill but I like to run in the mornings and since the time change, I just can't wake up.

    I like taking classes but I don't want to pay since I have access to a gym at both home and work.

  2. I love zumba classes and body pump classes. I was doing zumba classes twice a week and body pump classes three times a week. Sadly I am now training for a half marathon and had to give it up. I really miss those classes. Good luck with the P90X...Cant wait to read more about your goals.