Fall Bucket Lists... and finding time.

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It's late at night and I am finding myself refilling the laundry machine for the 3rd time tonight... hey they say you waste less energy if you do your loads pass midnight. So here I am awaiting the last load, sifting through the items to add to my Fall Bucket List.

Fall is a huge time for any family, it's a monster time of year for a business owner. Fall season preps all of next year for the business owner in me, the mom in me is trying to balance getting the girls to all their programs and add all the school items to my calendar.  School pictures, signing up for ballet and Greek classes added to the to do list... Curriculum night, lunch box options, new shoes, new jackets as well.

I await the next season with excitement, like New Year's eve, it allows me the opportunity to do better, to get more done, to accomplish more and offer my girls more. I tend to disappoint myself because I never get half as much done as I would like in my head. But it gets so exciting about the idea of what can get done this time around, this season's full of possibilities.

Fall has a specific smell, a crispness that can only be found when you drive across the city and you see the abundance of North American trees changing into vivid colours. And while living in such a remarkably beautiful city during this season all I can imagine is the smell of cinnamon on everything, baked goods adding warmth into our home, faux fur throws on the couch, the perfect pair of lined jogging pants from Roots, the sounds of apples crunching, apple butters on my pork chops, the girls jumping through leaf piles and of course a warm beverage from Starbucks (bye my beloved Frappucino.)

In a constant attempt to be a Super mommy, I put together a bucket list. Better than a to-do list, because there is no shame in not accomplishing it, but gratification if I could throw it into place to get an item marked with a big fat checkmark. A little moment of bliss, a little needed mommy accomplishment.

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