Does your pasta have a sexual orientation?

ItalPasta has released a picture in Social Media supporting all sexual relationships, I think the ad is cute and comforting. They did so in retaliation of another brand's CEO who reportedly stated he would rather Homosexuals eat a different pasta brand and not his.

While it's nice to see people, people of influence defending those who are seen as minorities... but when does picking sides as a brand get to much?

Should we care if Pasta companies, Diaper brands, Alcohol brands have opinions about anything that happens in our own homes. I would prefer to think NO! When you go into a store and are using your hard earn money you hold all the cards in the transaction. As a mom, I know my money plays a huge role in how companies thrive, I have 5 mouths to feed... I have 5 bodies to dress, that means my spending and all other families spending play a huge role in how certain brands do.

So now, I get CEOs are people and they have opinions. But as a business owner myself what does my opinion have to do with my product, truly NOTHING! I don't want someone coming into my house and having an opinion on how I live my life. As a business owner, I also have to watch my Ps and Qs; I do so as a mom... I wouldn't say or do something that would offend my children or to cause them any hostility in the playground.

Isn't your business your child, should businesses not be fostering a happy healthy growth. I am not saying we shouldn't advocate something or stand up for a cause we feel passionate about... but under the same cloud of if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all, shouldn't we take stances were we will be doing some good, if nothing good can come from making a statement or social commentary why make it at all?

I will not support brands who advocate hate, but I'd wish they would just shut up and make a good product. But as I wish they would mind their own business... I guess so will I.

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