Overwhelming October!

Fall has been here for a bit over a week and October has graced our front doors, but October seems like the Overwhelming month to me.

You relish September, because the idea of school starting and signing the kids up to all kinds of programs, but it's not til October arrives and your calendar is chalk full of plans, because you assumed that you'd have all the new program figured out and October would be a fine time to bring back extracurricular activities.

We are all planning Halloween, as a mom it's double important, I have to go around the whole city to find the most perfect costumes for my girls, my husband becomes crazy excited about decorating for Halloween, and this year we are toying with the idea of a Halloween party. But add Canadian Thanksgiving to the mix and there are 2 major events on the ballot.

I have 2 events to attend, work related projects and a mini jaunt to another city. All while still balancing mom-hood and being an entrepreneur. Sadly I also think I will be missing the majority of Toronto Fashion Week. But I had a banging end to September and am looking forward to what October has to bring.


Over at SuburbanTourist, I was asked to give my take on Fall. It's a fun little piece with thoughts from a bunch of different bloggers.

And ViewTheVibe did a feature on my husband and I, also another cute read. Hope you enjoy.

Otherwise I can appreciate a beautiful Fall day, the crisp air, the flush cheeked girls running on the street playing with the neighbour kids and the cutest little layering outfits on the kids.

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