Let's get Honest, Jessica Alba!

"We live in a different world than we did 30 years ago, they don't make products the way they use to." that was one of the reason mother of 2 and co-founder of Honest Company, Jessica Alba explained the reason she was compelled to start her own company.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Alba. She was in town promoting and discussing in the most "honest" way why we need to be using products that are safer for our kids and ourselves in this generation being bombarded by chemicals every day.

Let's be honest we are all parents, we are so worried about what our kids are eating, playing, saying, learning and most of all what is touching their sensitive skin. Jessica Alba was recalling a story where her mom had recommended a laundry detergent for her to use when her first child was born and it caused Jessica to break out into a rash. This made her start the Honest Company.

With her lovely co-owner Christopher Gavigan they talked about 1700 different chemicals that you won't see in an Honest product. But they had us eating out of the palm of their hands when Christopher grabbed a baby that happened to be in the room. This wasn't a company feeding you script, they were actually parents who really enjoyed children. And it came off that way as well.

Jessica Alba more famously known for her roles in such films as Fantastic Four, happened to be of so genuine and polite. Exceptionally coiffed for a busy mom may I add... she did admit to being extremely tired trying to balance both careers. This was a refreshing comment for me, as a fellow mompreneur I can completely relate with.

You see celebrity on TV pushing everything under the sun, but this didn't feel like that. These were 2 very genuine people concerned about everything.

I am excitedly preparing myself to read her book, The Honest Life, and my kids already are using the Honest Strawberry toothpaste and the baby wipes. The cold season is coming and I am officially stocked with the natural lip balms which my kids will get a ton of usage out of. But most of all, it was nice to meet the most personable Jessica Alba.


  1. I heart Jessica Alba. I have read her book and now I can't wait to try her products! So jealous you got to meet her.

  2. She was really nice Leesh... and my girls love the products already, I just started the book.