Squat-it like it's HOT!


I don't like to talk about exercise because I am not winning the battle to get it done. I have a ton of girl friends who are moms and are kicking fat's ass. I am not one of them.

It's hard to admit but after giving birth to 3 babies this might be the heaviest I have been post baby for all of them. I had lost a lot of weight after my 3rd was born, I even got to a weight lower than I was pre-baby... but then life happened (poor excuse, I know) and I got off the bandwagon so bad that I am now here.

I can tell you everything the weight loss gurus do about how it's about taking care of yourself, if working out then you have more energy, you live longer, you do this better, you do that longer, sex is this, playing with your kids is that... but the truth is I don't know how to schedule working out because if I get a free moment in the day it's being spent taking care of my business or the kids. And now adding writing back to the mix (ohhh and how I missed the writing.)

But my size, way to big to write down, isn't going away any time soon and well I don't want to be that person. I don't want to disappoint myself to the point I feel like weight is my failure. I am looking for all ways to try and do more at home where it doesn't take huge moments out of my time to be with the kids if I am not working my tail off.

So welcome the squat challenge, it trolled across my facebook a while back, and I started it then and got distracted again... but today I vow to do it. For me, for my jeans (they cost a lot they should have a say if I can get into them) and well for my girls.

If you want to join along with me, I'd love the company. Share your progress with me, I'd love to know when you did them in the day, morning or night, did you do them in one sitting or during the day?

Wish me luck, my ass deserves it.

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