Happy Anniversary!

While I would love to say this is my anniversary in this blog.... not as of yet, but this is a really special day for me and my husband!

It's our 6 year Marriage Anniversary!

I can't believe that long has come and gone, that our unity as a couple to do things together, have babies, grow old, mend buttons, bruises, broken body parts and be there for things we both think are contrived for the other... without a protest, without a glitch!

I will not try and preach to you that me and my husband live in some uncomprehensive world of utopia... au contraire my dear blog friends... we suffer from serious realism. Days have sun and clouds, moons, stars and darkness; our relationship is no different. We need to regroup on occasions.... we need a moment to ourselves, we need to argue or protest the others opinion... but most of all we need to hug and love each other at the end of the day because we understand that we are each others it person.

It's been over 13 years that we have been in each others lives... and I can honestly say this has been our best year thus far. Thanks for letting me share!



  1. Again, happy anniversary! It's nice to see people still so in love years later. My hubby and I are similar - 12 years together, four of them married. I hope you had a wonderful dinner and it must have been nice to spend some quality time alone.

    P.S. - I have left an award for you on my blog.

  2. Congratulations!!! Hope you guys get to have a great anniversary :)

  3. Awww thanks ladies! It definitely was great, nothing fantastic other than dinner happened... but it was the most happy and comfortable I have been in all the years we've been married.