Took a very very long time in my liking... but I am a whole friggin size down! OK! I am sooo stoked about this. ( I can't believe I just used that darn word)--- but this feels huge to me.

This has been a busy couple of days you'd think the weekend just started but the weekend is a few days away. The husband and I went to an event yesterday night and it was fun and boring all at the same time. Fun because we were laughing our heads off at our own little jokes, and 2 Indian sisters had taken a liking to my husband and were giggling up a storm with him

It was Canada Day today... and well we had a garden cleaning day followed by a real great dinner with my dad on the Danforth. Love when we get to hang out with him, it's so great for the girls. And he's the only person who dedicates to speak to them in other than English. It's hard to speak to my girls in all the languages that I speak... but sorry tangent.

But I am really enjoy the small but noticeable transformation I am seeing... and enjoying! So hope your weekend is as great as my day is today--- ENJOY people!



  1. That's so awesome! Keep it up. Sometimes, the best motivation is progress.

  2. Thanks Steph... it really is a full size, as in go into a store and it's a whole size. It was nice putting on a skirt I hadn't worn in so long.

  3. Congratulations!!! It's nice when hard work pays off. :)