Mama got a new set of Wheels!

Laugh all you want... but these 3 wheels made me smile like a spoiled little rich girl! I have 2 kids, with barely a year apart in age... so most people would probably assume we had a double stroller. But last year when we thought about getting a double stroller we couldn't decide on which style.

Then someone donated a stroller to us that was side-by-side. It was good for a while but it had seen it's glory days and wouldn't be able to withstand the expectations I had set in my head

And then Epiphany started, life changing revolution that I am in... some kind of Metamorphosis! This girl is going to lose weight, this girl is going to be healthy, athletic, social (again) and entrepreneurial (also again) like I envision for myself.

So what else would a mommy like that want... what would make this mommy happy. Well, this mommy is dying to find a reason to go for a walk or perhaps those walk/jogs that I have mentioned before. I bought a BabyTrend Expedition Double Jogger- Sonic.... and I AM in LOVE! I took her for her first test drive today, both girls in, hills and a huge down hill--- would not recommend wearing flip-flops--- went to the mall the manoeuvring of this little machine (yes it's a machine, a beautiful machine) was so easy, fits through doors easily, and people tend to open the doors for you as well when you walk around with this beauty. So while my neighbours walk around with their uberly over priced stroller that only fits one child, I can plug my Ipod into my speaker dock that is built into my stroller and I can go for a jog! Take that!

Simple things make me HAPPY!


Bought my husband a gift that actually fit into a box this year... really nothing beats the flying lessons he got 2 years ago. But I bought wrapping paper... bows and everything, came home and couldn`t find scissors or tape. So with very little products around the house... I put together this gift put together with an exacto knife and painter`s tape. Mommy`s are the most savvy people in the world...


  1. oh Mommy, you inspire me... the stroller looks so nice and savy... alas my youngest is still too young for the comfort of a jogger stroller... i dont believe the carrier will snap into any of them. Its a thought for when he gets older! :)

  2. Nice! Now I know who to look to to make an envelope box for the wedding! ;)