I can't take the heat!

I can't take this heat we are dealing with here in Toronto... I am sure some people have it far worse than we do and I hate to complain but:

  1. I have NO A/C in my house, I didn't need it all year last year and didn't think we would ever need one since we grin and bared it for a whole summer.

  2. I do NOT live close to a salt water beach. We have beaches so don't get me wrong... I love, did I say LOVE, I truly love the beaches we have here in the city but swimming in them is slightly scary and I don't get the same kind of swim in a lake that I adore getting from salt water.

  3. So relief might be to get in the car and go somewhere but even the car doesn't have A/C.

  4. I refuse to cook in this heat, so I haven't eaten anything substantial in the last couple of days (far too many sandwiches from Subway)

  5. My hair, has been up and has not come down in days... showering to make myself pretty for a cute outfit not going to happen, it's too hot to turn on the blow dryer.. so my hair well looks like ASS!
But I have had a couple of nice days with my girls taking in the warmth with 3 visits to a pool of some sort, visits to their yiayia's house so they can be in an air cooled room and I have even gotten 2 extreme workouts in...

otherwise I am melting away... to hot to handle and would rather sit around and be naked daily and do nothing. Guess that wouldn't be highly productive of myself. Are you in a heat wave? Are you enjoying the heat? Or how are you coping?



  1. LMAO!!! heard you guys have it pretty bad out east. it's hot here but bearable. i like to hole up in our bedroom where we have a portable a/c. other than that... same as cooking, hair up, no showering.. pretty much i look like ass!!

    so glad i found your blog :) will be back again soon!!

  2. The heat here is awful. I am happy I have A/C for my poor ancient dogs sake. I agree, Lake Ontario is a bit scry for swimming, especially for little ones. Hopefully we will get a nice break in the weather.

  3. Oh dear! I can't live without A/C. Sometimes I feel so spoiled because my hubby and I blast it in the condo. My heart goes out to you on those really hot days.

    I love the heat but not the heat here in the city. I can't stand to be outside for too long because I can't breathe. But being in the Caribbean with hot weather...that I love because you can always jump into a pool or the ocean.