Busy is the bee who collects honey all day....

I feel like every once and a while I am posting an "I'm sorry" post because days will go by with nothing new added and then I am dying to find something so wonderfully interesting to share.... but I am stagnate.

But I have been busy.... have a million little posts that I have coming and some that have come and gone and weren't added because the images that are to go along with them have somehow disappeared.

Disappeared! No my camera/laptop have not wiped away the beautiful images that I am referring to... I have daughters with sticky fingers. Not sure which, but guessing my youngest child was tinkering with my digital camera as they have been permitted to do so; ( I own this cute but seriously dense Kodak camera that is so perfect, great little zoom capability and truly withstands my children) but it came to take the memory card out of it put it on my computer and upload series of photos that had been taken. It is not there... not sure where it has disappeared to but it is amiss!

And let's be honest you aren't blog reading like you were months ago, not because I am not posting more frequently... but because it's summer, it's beautiful--- you are at the park, the beach, the pond, the pool! And you should be! Especially if you live somewhere near me... where winter comes and stays FAR too long. So get out there people, go have fun with your families, your friends, your high heel stilettos, your colourful eyeshadow.... rock it people! Make sure you get those toes done, the shave on, the waxing and have one too many drinks.

Until you return from the fun in August.... I will spend all my time spending it with girls who are getting married, we have 2 next month, but bachelorette events, shower, dress fittings and so on. But I will be sharing....


and for fun that's my eldest having fun with me and the camera.... she really is a HAM!

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  1. I also find it hard to keep up with blogging (posting and reading). The weather is too nice and at times, it's too hot for my brain to come up with something to post about. I also have a lot of ideas to post about but I just can't sit in front of my laptop. I'm sure all of us will be returning in full-force come September.