Don't you love it...

You know that feeling, when you are working out and you are really starting to notice the difference in your body.

I am seriously suffering from some serious workout HIGHS! Yeah you read that... it's almost become addictive. Here I am killing myself for an hour, sweating to death... come home and all I want to do is keep stretching, keep lifting, squatting, lunging!

I think I have an illness... but it's because come next week, for some reason the weights become hard to lift again, the muscles sore and tender! And you want to kick yourself that you are sore all over again because you didn't kill yourself working out all weekend.

But weekends are for family around here, I kill myself physically during the week.... but my weekends are for events (friendly ones, you know birthday parties, showers and such) or shopping excursions for silly things like clothing and food for us in the house.

But til then... another workout day tomorrow... a hard core muscle conditioning class.


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  1. oh I'm so with you on this one - very addictive. You just feel... Better! xo